My visual universe is surrealistic. colorful and dark at the same time.
Va project
The new VA Project, currently consisting of painting on canvas, embodies a personal vision of freedom, fashion, and modern decadence. The main figures of the paintings are people who have undergone a futuristic transformation. They are open-minded and unconstrained by social boundaries. Through these characters, Julia conveys the themes of feminism, racism, and bullying. According to the artist, the main cyborg figures embody the transitional stage between the present world and the futuristic universe; therefore, their complex aesthetics consist of a mixture of academic features of art and elements of hyper punk.

Julia plans to expand the VA Project to new formats - design, games industry, virtual reality - in order to be able to capture the expanse of space and underline the inevitability of a transition into a new reality. The project will be expanded, eventually encompassing the gaming industry, animation, fashion, and NFT.